Coway - 濾水機 P-08 - P-08

Coway - 濾水機 Water Purifier


水缸容量Tank capacity: 3.5 ℓ / 0.92 gal

尺寸Dimension (W x H x D) 192 x 434 x 430 mm / 7.6 x 17.1 x 16.9 inch

淨重Net weight 4.9 kg / 10.8 lb


Countertop style water purifier with highly efficient Nano filtration system and airtight water tank brings you easy and convenient clean water. Slim and simple design fits in any type of household design. The no-power system allows you to economically use the essential water purification features without worries about electricity bills.

Features 特點

1. 無需耗電,更節能環保 Non-Electrical

2. 操作簡單,一鍵式操控 Easy to Operate

3. 全封閉式儲水缸,乾淨衛生 Airtight Tank

4. 極致簡約設計,融入每種風格 Simplicity at its finest

5. 可拆卸的出水接口,簡易清潔 detachable cork for quick self-cleaning

HK$5,500.00 HK$4,675.00

水機品牌: Coway

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